Do you qualify to be an AIR client?

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The Accessibility Internet Rally (AIR) 2020 is already underway. You can participate in AIR as a client, where developers will form teams and build the web sites, or if you would like to apply to be a client and receive a web site as a non-profit for AIR 2020 you can register on our site. 

Through AIR, nonprofits, community groups, charities and schools anywhere in the world, as well as artists (musicians, dance groups, painters, poets, sculptors – artists whose work is presented at public events) receive new websites. Individual programs, chapters and initiatives within nonprofits, schools, universities and other community organizations that want to have a website just for their individual program or chapter, not for the entire organization or institution, are also welcomed to participate as a client.

In each Accessibility Internet Rally, up to 30 projects are selected as “client” sites for the competing AIR web development teams.

If you are selected as a client for AIR or AIR-University, you will receive:

  • a unique opportunity to learn about accessibility and digital inclusion, to become a more welcoming organization for all donors, clients, volunteers, community members and others
  • a new website that demonstrates a powerful commitment to inclusion, a commitment that is attractive to donors and other supporters
  • a unique, first-hand experience to learn about how to work successfully with virtual teams and engage online volunteers (virtual volunteering)
  • the experience of participating in an international, high-profile, world-class event

Through AIR, nonprofits, community groups, charities schools and artists access training in accessible web design basics, training that is especially designed to be understood by non-web designers, so you can continue to emphasize the importance of accessible design in all of your future online activities, helping you to feel confident in talking about the importance of digital inclusion with your board members, staff, volunteers, program participants and others.

The website you receive through AIR will be designed to be accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities. After AIR is over, you can choose to use this site to replace your current web site, to launch it as the first website you have ever had, or to adapt it however you like.

For the small fee of $100 you are receiving training and support valued at more than $2000 – Knowbility is able to offer this training, consultations and support for nonprofits, community groups, charities and schools anywhere in the world, as well as artists (musicians, dance groups, painters, poets, sculptors) for free due to a generous sponsor.