AIR Student Teams


  • Are you passionate about making a difference? Help a nonprofit, school, charity, community group or artist create an inclusive web site and empower everyone to access their information and resources.
  • Are you eager to learn? You’ll receive amazing training and support from Knowbility regarding accessible website design and digital inclusion, plus consultations with accessibility experts, training and support valued at more than $2000: prepare to be challenged!
  • Are you ready to level up? Make yourself stand out with your new accessibility skills and your experience in a global virtual volunteering event!

Knowbility invites students to participate in AIR or AIR-U (the latter event is especially for university student teams). One of the goals of this rally is to give students a firm footing in accessibility training and experience, as well as real-world experience in project management and virtual team participation, to expand their portfolios.

Be a part of the next generation of accessibility leaders.

Please note: Knowbility will make every effort to recruit a nonprofit or artist client for your AIR team to design for, but we strongly encourage student teams to identify and recruit their own client that they will design or redesign a website for during the rally. This could be a student or youth group a member of your team is a part of, or a friend or sibling is a part of. It could be a community group, like a historical society, a senior group or a sports team a parent is a part of. It could also be a small nonprofit you have volunteered with. The client does not have to use the resulting website, but they are welcomed to do so. If your team registers for AIR U and you want to bring your own client to design for during AIR U, please write us and let us know at