For university, college, coding school faculty

Faculty that teach website design and development at universities, colleges and coding schools are encouraged to let their students and recent graduates know about the Accessibility Internet Rally for Universities – AIR-U – a fun, friendly website competition and awareness-building event especially focused on students. This event is a fantastic way for your students to apply what they are learning in your classroom, to get specialized training and support regarding accessible website design from industry leaders, to learn about virtual teamwork and online collaboration, and to be advocates for digital inclusion long after the competition ends.

Faculty that teach website design and development courses can leverage the Rally as they like:

  • Faculty can encourage students to participate in AIR-U, entirely independent of their classwork
  • Faculty can incorporate the student teams’ AIR-U client project planning into the course, and ask students to provide updates about their AIR-U project during class time
  • Faculty can incorporate the actual website design and development by student teams during class, as much as they wish
  • Faculty can advise, mentor and guide an AIR-U student team as much as they wish

Team requirements:

  • Teams¬†must have at least 4 members and no more than 6.
  • Teams must designate a Team Captain to serve as the main contact for the group.
  • An initial fee of $150 per team is due at registration (you can request to be invoiced).
  • Teams agree to meet with their clients regularly, in-person, by phone or by video conference.
  • Teams agree to meet AIR-U deadlines and to commit to finishing the website for their client.
  • Teams may register with a client they have already agreed to design for – a nonprofit, community group, student group, artist or artistic group. It can be a site for an entire organization or a site for a campaign or program associated with that nonprofit or group. Otherwise, they will be matched to a client of Knowbility’s choosing.


  • Each team receives online accessibility training from Knowbility in the form of at least one webinar and an “Ask Anything” Session.
  • Each team also receives written and video prep materials to help them work with clients and learn about how to support content providers during the web design and development process – valuable, marketable skills that can help team members in their career pursuits.

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