The Accessibility Internet Rally especially for college, university, and bootcamp students: AIR-U.

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And the AIR-U Winners are…

Congratulations to team R-Texans from UT Austin for their top placement in the 2020 Accessibility Internet Rally for Universities! Learn about our community initiative to make the web more inclusive:






The Accessibility Internet Rally for Universities – AIR-U – is a fun, friendly website competition and awareness-building event: university, college and coding school-based student teams and recent graduates compete to create accessible new sites or improve the accessibility of existing sites for nonprofits, student groups, community groups and artists (musicians, painters, poets, sculptors, etc.). It’s like the regular Rally, hosted by Knowbility, but it is especially focused on college and university students. Faculty that teach website design and development courses can use the Rally as a part of their classes, supporting their students that participate, mentoring them as they design websites via the event and using their participation, however they wish, as a part of the class grade (more information on how faculty can leverage AIR-U).

We already have a small number of nonprofits that would like to have websites built during AIR-U, but we strongly encourage AIR-U student teams to identify and recruit their own clients that they will design or redesign a website for during the Rally. This could be a student or youth group a member of your team is a part of, or a friend or sibling is a part of. It could be a community group, like a historical society, a senior group or a sports team a parent is a part of. It could also be a small nonprofit a team member has volunteered with. Knowbility will recruit potential clients that can be matched to student teams who do not already have their own client.

Team requirements:

  • Teams must have at least 4 members and no more than 6.
  • Teams must designate a Team Captain to serve as the main contact for the group.
  • The regular initial fee of $150 per team is waived due to a generous sponsor.
  • Teams agree to meet with their clients regularly, in-person, by phone or by video conference.
  • Teams agree to meet AIR-U deadlines and to commit to finishing the website for their client.
  • Teams may register with a client they have already agreed to design for – a nonprofit, community group, student group, artist or artistic group. It can be a site for an entire organization or a site for a campaign or program associated with that nonprofit or group. Otherwise, they will be matched to a client of Knowbility’s choosing.


  • Each team receives online accessibility training from Knowbility in the form of at least one webinar and an “Ask Anything” Session.
  • Each team also receives written and video prep materials to help them work with clients and learn about how to support content providers during the web design and development process – valuable, marketable skills that can help team members in their career pursuits.


  • Are you passionate about making a difference? Help a nonprofit, school, charity, community group or artist create an inclusive web site and empower everyone to access their information and resources.
  • Are you eager to learn? You’ll receive amazing training and support from Knowbility regarding accessible website design and digital inclusion, plus consultations with accessibility experts, training and support valued at more than $2000: prepare to be challenged!
  • Are you ready to level up? Make yourself stand out with your new accessibility skills and your experience in a global virtual volunteering event!
  • Ready for recognition & maybe prizes? Members of winning teams receive some great stuff!

More information for student teams to participate in the next AIR-U.

Are you a nonprofit, community group, charity, school or artist (musician, photographer, painter, poet, etc.) who has public performances or showings of your artwork? Would you like a website that welcomes everyone, including people with disabilities? Here’s more information on how you can get a new website via AIR-U.