2019 AIR Results

The results of the 2019 Accessibility Internet Rally are in! In 2019, more than 150 people volunteered in the AIR program: teams of web designers and developers building accessible websites for nonprofits and artists; accessibility expert mentors to guide the teams, and judges for the finalized websites, adding up to more than 4000 hours of donated time. A third of all of the volunteers for the 2019 Rally are women. Awareness about digital inclusion and accessibility was increased not only among web designers and developers but also among the nonprofits and artists that participated. Read some of the feedback from participants about the impact of their AIR 2019 participation here.

For AIR 2019, 14 teams turned in websites for a mix of nonprofit and artist clients, in addition to two competing teams from Texas state agencies. The results are:

for Texas State Agencies

First Place: Texas Health and Human Services Learning Portal by Team Exponential Learning
Second Place: Power to Save Texas by PUC Power

for the main 2019 Rally:

First Place: Texas Kids Read (The Literacy Plus Project) by Team Indy 2
Second Place: ArtFrog Art Academy by Team Better Late Than Never
Third Place: ARC of DFW Texas by Team Inclusivnators

Congrats to the people that received trophies – but remember that the Rally is so much more than a competition: this is about bringing web accessibility awareness, training and practice to a variety of nonprofits and artists, and the clients and audiences they serve. Read some of the feedback from participants about the impact of their AIR 2019 participation here.

The other websites that were completed as a part of AIR 2019:

Ashby Village by Team A11y Squad
Grenier pour le Development Intégré, GDIBU ASbL (Congo) by Team AIR Time
Service Source by Team Virgin AIR
Emerson Academy by Team Hoosiers
KOOP-Texas Education Broadcasting Co-Operative Inc. by Team Monkee-Boy
Golden Hornet by Team Indy 7
NGO Resource Center (Ukraine) by Team Shiftleft by SouthWest (SLSW)
Pragmatic Classic by Team CNM Deep Dive Coders
Samarnatham Trust/Cricket Association for the Blind in India (India) by Team Cognizant Champ 2019
Faith in Action Georgetown by Team Cobras
Kairós Teatro by Team NEAR

Knowbility announced the winners of its latest Accessibility Internet Rally on January 16, 2020 at a special event that honored 2019 participants and also paid loving tribute to accessibility pioneer and long-time Knowbility associate Jim Thatcher, who passed away in December. Jim’s family has established a special fund to provide an annual scholarship to Knowbiity’s John Slatin AccessU training conference that Jim helped found and to create an annual award for contributions in the field of accessibility.

The video from the awards dinner and Thatcher memorial will be posted to the Knowbility YouTube channel in the coming weeks.

In addition to the awards ceremony, Knowbility hosted an event called the Final Countdown in November, hosted at Galvanize in Austin, Texas. That event provided an opportunity for AIR teams to get last-minute consultations on the websites they developed regarding accessibility and to present briefly what they were most proud of regarding the websites they built for clients. Knowbility staff also counted down the last seconds of the rally to the deadline for when those sites had to be submitted.

Here are four of the team’s presentations from our Final Countdown event (videos on YouTube):

Chris Archer, Kenneth Schwoerke and Jordan Meister talk about their experience building a website for ArtFrog Art Academy, an arts nonprofit in Texas.

Four coding students in Albuquerque, New Mexico, talk about what they learned building a website in just five weeks for a nonprofit arts academy, as a part of Knowbility’s latest & oh-so-intense #Accessibility Internet Rally:

Volunteers talk about building a website for an NGO in Congo, including dealing with a huge time difference, power outages in Congo, creating a site in two languages.

Team Hoosiers introduces themselves and their client, Emerson Academy in a video they did on their own and submitted to the event.

Janette Dimitrova of Texas Health and Human Services talks about how her team made their state government learning portal more accessible for both sight-impaired users and people for whom English isn’t their first language.

Read some of the feedback from participants about the impact of their AIR 2019 participation here.

Here is the Knowbility blog post about the final results.