Knowbility + ViewSource by Mozilla

AIR | Accessibility Internet Rally

“Build for the web of tomorrow, today.”

ViewSource Logo
ViewSource Logo

ViewSource by Mozilla is a single track conference for front-end web developers and one of the sponsors for OpenAIR 2015. The goal of the conference is to provide an in-depth, practical look at current and on-the-horizon technologies, with plenty of opportunities for conversation. The conference will feature speakers who will expose best practices and practical, innovative development techniques and daily set of group discussions with experts on a variety of hot topics.

Knowbility’s Community Programs Manager Jessica Looney and Director of IT John Sweet will be present at the ViewSource conference’s Hackspace event talking about OpenAIR and web accessibility.

Join us and other organizations that are changing the future of the internet at ViewSource from November 2 -4, 2015 at Portland, Oregon. View the source of the modern web, be inspired by the future of technology and build the web that you want for tomorrow, today.

Visit the ViewSource website to learn more: ViewSource Conference by Mozilla.