The Rise Of OpenAIR Heroes

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The league of OpenAIR Heroes
The league of OpenAIR Heroes

The city of Pero Punro was under siege, and its citizens were being engulfed by an enormous, mysterious darkness. One evening, Ron Hicks, a local artist noted this unusual oily, shadowy darkness moving slowly across the fields and houses along the outskirts of town, like a giant obsidian wall. When he ventured closer to investigate, it reached out like a tidal wave and swallowed him up. Or at least, that’s how Jared Smith, the local paper boy, told the story. Not soon afterwards, the Punro Pundit, the town paper, dubbed it the Barrier Menace. Since that day, the town was surrounded by this alien substance, and every day, families would disappear. No one seemed able to escape the inexorable approach of the evil unknown. Pero Punro needed help… and fast!

And that’s how the super power league of OpenAIR Heroes came together. With their unique powers, character traits and strategic planning, the OpenAIR Heroes defends their city against the Barrier Menace.  We thought you’d like to meet them.

Meet the OpenAIR Heroes

Rocket: The crowd favorite

Photo of Rocket, an OpenAIR Accessibility Hero

Fast-talking and frenetic, this boy wonder can power up fast! Solar energy feeds his awesome powers of time-slow blur, speed boost at will and flame charge.

Show and Tell: It’s Double-Trouble

Photo of Show &  Tell, OpenAIR Accessibility Heroes

This young, brother-sister twin pair can cause quite a stir with their mischievous, acrobatic maneuvers. One has the ability to speak the word and the other can materialize the object. Show and Tell work in sync with each other like coordinated martial arts. And with slingshots, night sticks, ropes and chains  – they are a force to reckon with!

The Unveiler: Power unlimited.

Photo of The Unveler, an OpenAIR Accessibility HeroMuscular and shapely with a form fitting full bodysuit and glowing gloves and boots, The Unveiler has the power of X-ray vision and ability to see each layer of organic and inorganic materials. She powers up with Visor (controls the depth of vision), gauntlets (energy weapon) and grenade belt (energy weapon).

The Amp: Not your everyday superhero

Photo of The Amp, an OpenAIR Accessibility Hero

He’s your beefy, strong, typical superhero but The Amp is not just about the looks. With stages of armor, he gears up to become robotic and amplifies the power of team.

Bodhi: The mystic woman

Photo of Bodhi, an OpenAIR Accessibility Hero

Adorned in gold jewelry, this mystic goddess-like hero has the ability to read minds and predict movements. Her armband cuffs and psychic wings give her more strength.

Clockwork: The self made superhero

Photo of Clockwork, an OpenAIR Accessibility Hero

He isn’t very likable. But he doesn’t care. Gruff and muscular, this gadget freak was not born with super powers. But when needed, he comes through. He is tools-oriented and an analog, gadgety, steel works guy who is incredibly inventive with tools. And a true hero.

DocType: The good, mad-scientist

Photo of DocType, an OpenAIR Accessibility Hero

You can recognize him with his swooshy hair and 1920s fashion style. DocType has the ability to control and build materials from inorganic materials. When faced with a weak obstacle, he can manage with single source materials like wood and iron and his latex gloves. Challenge him and he brings out his surgeon mask attire and tools made from joined, fused and smelted materials like alloys and nailed wood pieces. But there is no escape if levels up, dressed in a lab coat made of mesh-like material, and starts manipulating complex structures – buildings and bridges included.

The league of OpenAIR Heroes continue to wage war against The Barrier Menace, to defend their city and protect its people. After all, barriers must be beaten.