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Support Accessibility Internet Rally (AIR) 2020 

Various past participants of the AIR competition

The Accessibility Internet Rally (AIR) is an award-winning global web accessibility competition and virtual volunteering event: teams of designers and developers compete to create accessible websites for nonprofits, community groups, and artists, groups who want to be welcoming for all people but don’t usually have the resources for accessible web design.

The primary AIR is a unique corporate social responsibility event that encourages people from both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors to become advocates for digital inclusion and that creates more understanding between these sectors. There is also a version of AIR for students, AIR-U.

This year, due to the far-reaching impacts of COVID-19,   AIR 2020 needs community support to ensure the success of the competition. Can you help us produce the 22nd annual Accessibility Internet Rally (AIR) competition by ensuring we have the funds needed?

Since 1998, this fun, friendly, awareness raising competition has welcomed people who care about inclusive accessible design.

Donate on our GoFundMe.

How does a Rally work?

  • Knowbility trains registered AIR designer/developer teams on accessibility.
  • Knowbility trains registered nonprofits, community groups and artists – AIR clients – about digital inclusion and the qualities of a welcoming, complete website.
  • Knowbility pairs each designer/developer team with a nonprofit, community group and artist to create a website that welcomes everyone.
  • For five-six weeks, the pairs work together to design and build awesome, accessible websites (8 weeks for university teams competing in AIR-U).
  • Knowbility’s accessibility judges evaluate and score each website and pick the winners!
  • Participants take what they have learned about the importance of digital inclusion back to their work and studies.

Who can participate?

  • Professional designers and developers
  • Designers and developers that are still students at colleges or universities (they can participate in the main Rally or AIR-University)
  • Nonprofits, community groups, schools and artists (musicians, dance groups, poets, photographers, painters, etc. who have public presentations of their work) who need websites, or need their current website revamped, and are committed to that website being as accessible as possible.

In addition to raising awareness among web designers and developers regarding accessibility and allowing them to show off those skills in a fun, high-profile competition, Knowbility also works to turn the AIR clients – nonprofits, NGOs, charities, community groups, schools and artists – into supporters of accessibility and digital inclusion, reaching audiences far beyond IT professionals. AIR participants play an essential, unique role in evangelizing about digital inclusion, long after the rally ends. As a result of their AIR participation, we hope designers and developers continue to engage in corporate social responsibility initiatives by other nonprofits as well.

Read through our AIR web site to learn more about how you can participate, check out dates for upcoming rallies & associated events, and if you have any questions, contact

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